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Introduction to CAHG



  China Animal Husbandry Group (“CAHG”) is a state-owned enterprise engaged in modern agricultural and animal farming Industry with a comprehensive range of business, composed of manufacturing and operations, trading and customer services, research and development, and financing management. 

   Over the past forty years, CAHG has been dedicating itself to serve the Three Rural Issues ( San Nong) in China, and aiming to lead China’s husbandry industry and improve life quality for people and animals, by providing safe, organic, sustainable and reliable animal and animal related products. Its business includes of manufacturing and business operations on livestock & poultry breeding, veterinary vaccines & pharmaceuticals, feeds and feed additives, feed grass, sustainable animal farming, dairy products, bee products, pet products, fertilizers, pesticides, plant seeds, chemical products, instrument and equipment. It is also engaged in animal husbandry production, processing and land development. 

With an excellent management and highly-professional technical team, CAHG has launched an extensive domestic service-and-marketing network, and established a high- professional management and technical teams, which contributes to the relationship among CAHG and CAHG’s global business partners from over 50 countries/regions.

To perform the development strategy drafted by China National Agricultural Development Group Corporation (CNADGC), CAHG aims to devote themselves to develop a modern trading & logistic leading company with a safe-and-reliable production chain implemented with animal breeding and animal-source product processing business and animal husbandry technology. CAHG commits itself to serving the “San Nong Issues”, taking society responsibilities, enhancing its influence on the animal husbandry industry as a SOE, gradually accomplishing a well-developed modernized agro- and animal husbandry serving system, in the meanwhile, CAHG is marching to become a professional, large-scale, high-tech and internationalized enterprise.