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Corporate Social Responsibilities

    A. Leading Animal Husbandry Industry

  CAHG is the founder of integration company mode of animal husbandry, industrial and commercial business, and has been dedicated itself to serve the Three Rural Issues ( San Nong) in China. Its mission is to lead animal husbandry industry and serve safe life for human and animals. During the development of China’s animal husbandry industry, CAHG actively promoted a global market-oriented business portfolio, composed of biological, feeds and feed additives, and bulk materials, which leaded CAHG to make tremendous contribution to China’s animal husbandry industry’s upgrading, the prevention of epidemic diseases and suit for public demand. 

    B. Food Safety and Security

   China’s food security is facing a grim situation, which is mainly caused by the increasing demand of feeds due to the analysis of the root cause, current shortage scenario and forecast trend. Robust meat-egg-and milk demand directly leads to increased feed demand, which reflecting the deeper and profound changes of China’s food security. In another word, China’s food request (or food safety and security) transforms from “shortage” (no enough food) to “diversity” (meat-egg-and milk demand).

   As one member of CANDC’s subsidiaries and the only state-owned-enterprise which is engaged in modern animal farming industry, CAHG has implemented its development strategy to promote sustainable farming and animal-product processing and to build a “Six-core business plus one ” scenario. The “Six-core business plus one ” scenario represent that CAHG will vigorously promote its business in feeds and feed grass, livestock and poultry breeding, meat, diary, animal health,  and bee product sectors, and plus logistics, which will make CAHG to promote the sustainable development of China’s animal husbandry and contribute to provide safe food for the public.